The Color Vibe is a 5k race. While you run you get blasted with color.  For this particular race there were four color stations: Yellow, Blue, Pink and Purple. You wear white so that the color shows up better. I found out this race purely by chance but was so excited for it. The race isn't timed so there is no pressure! The race was around Weber State Campus which was nice since I had actually never been on the campus before.


The official before picture! So excited! So clean and white!

The girls I ran the race with. Rachel, Annie and Sarah. Sarah was supposed to run the race but then got an ear ache so Annie graciously stepped in. It was actually pretty cold outside and breathing in that freezing air while running just about killed my lungs. ;)

The blue color station.

Not too much color yet.

Nothing like rolling around in some color!


The finish.

At the end of the race there was a big party. They had music blaring and packets and boxes of color that everyone was throwing up in the air and at each other. It was so much fun!

 All covered in color!

 The official after picture.
We went to Villiage Inn afterwards for breakfast. The hostess looked at us really funny and said, "What happened to you guys?" It was super funny. We got lots of weird looks.

This was such a fun experience. If you ever get a chance to do a color run, DO IT!


I haven't blogged in such a long time that I thought I would post a few highlights of the last few months. Enjoy!

In July I went hiking with Spencer and Kimber. We went to Antelope Island which is in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun. We hiked Frary Peak. Which was about a 6 mile hike round trip. The biggest mistake we made was that we hiked it in the middle of the day. It was so HOT!!! After the hike we swam in the great Salt Lake and boy was it salty! 
Made it to the top! The view was absolutely beautiful! You could see so far!
Spencer and I

In August my Dad, Mom and Melissa came out to education week. They spent most of their time down in Orem but I still got to see them.
I took Melissa to Igor's which is this most fantastic place that a friend of mine introduced me too. It is now an obsession. It is a custard and italian ice place. Pretty much what it is, is custard with flavoried italian ice on top of that and then more custard on top of that. It is so delicious!!!
The last time my Dad came to Utah he discovered Kneaders and loved it. So we went to Kneaders for lunch one day so that he could get his fix. :)

I also went on a hike with my Dad. We hiked to Stewart Falls up Provo Canyon. It was a nice little hike and the falls were beautiful.

Kelsey had a baby shower up in Idaho thrown by our good friend Ashley and I was able to go. It was a lot of fun and it was good to see some old friends that I hadn't seen in a while.
Kelsey and I.

For an activity we decorated onsies! It was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. (I'm not very crafty.) Everyone got into it and had a lot of fun. Here are a few of us with our decorated onsies.

Here is the onsie that I decorated. Pretty cute huh? It is from a song if you don't recognize it.  I thought it turned out pretty well. :)  I'm not sure if Kelsey will really put it on baby Ruby though. :)

All our onsies together. There were some really cute ones. Kaylyn who is an art major totally  hand drew her design. She is way too talented. ;) Her's is the onsie in the top right hand corner that says "Dream" on it.  I also liked April's, which is the prison looking one. It says on it "Escapee after 9 months."

Portland Zoo

Christinas Pics 2121
This will be the last post about my trip home. :) We went to the zoo for a day which was a lot of fun. Here we are all sitting (Christina is taking the picture) out on the lawn eating our lunch.
Christinas Pics 2125
Sawyer loved the petting zoo. It was fun having a kid at the zoo. He got so excited to see all of the animals.
Staring at the sea lions.
We got lions just a couple of years ago and I love them. I'm not really sure why though. Maybe it's because Maddy would always make us watch Lion King with her whenever she came over. :)
Sawyer liked getting up close and personal to the cats. He also likes to say "meow."
Christinas Pics 2132
I LOVE snow cones. And I found out that Sawyer LOVES snow cones too!! He ate about half of my snow cone if not more.
Christinas Pics 2137
So delicious!! I didn't even mind sharing. :)
The cutest animal at the zoo. He loved trying to get close to the animals.

I had such a great trip home. I loved seeing my parents, my sisters and Sawyer. I worry that Sawyer won't remember me the next time I see him. :( He is such a cutie and I miss him so much!

The Beach

We also went to the beach when I was home. Sawyer loved it! This was his second time going to the beach.
This is his "What is this stuff all over my hand look." He loved playing in the sand. Christina had a shovel and bucket for him to dig around. The shovel broke and it was really funny trying to watch Sawyer scoop up the sand with his broken shovel.
This is kind of a random picture.Those are green beans hanging out of his mouth. For those of you who don't know I hate green beans and I mean HATE! When I saw Christina feeding them to him I said to Sawyer, "Don't eat those they are yucky!" Christina was not very happy with me. He he.
Christina and I.
You can't go to the beach without getting burried in the sand.
My beautiful mermaid tail.
I tried to burry Sawyer in the sand but he just screamed. After he saw me get burried he seemed more willing so we dug a little hole and had him sit in it and then we burried the sand around him. He loved it.
We would burry him and then we he would break free and want to do it again.
Just chillin in the sand. :)
Sawyer loved the water! I thought he would scream because it was kind of cold but he didn't. He especially liked to find deep puddles and just sit and play in those.
We all had so much fun.
He liked the waves but tripped and fell and got crashed into by a wave but he didn't even fuss. He is a trooper.
After getting wet we dryed Sawyer off and layed out in the sun for a little bit. Some kids came and played soccer too close to our blanket and Sawyer got beaned in the head by the ball. Stupid teenagers! ;) He of course cried and we had to move our blanket away from the game. It was still a fun day and Sawyer was so much fun to play with at the beach.


I was able to get a week off of work last week and go home! Christina is home for the whole month of June this ear because Nate is taking his board exams and needs to study. So I was able to see Christina and Sawyer when I went home. Melissa suprised us and showed up on Wednesday so I got to see her too! The next few posts will be about my trip. There will be a lot of pictures of sawyer because he is so cute!
The weather was great while I was home and we tried to spend a lot of time outside. We even fed Sawyer outside in his stroller.
He is so adorable. I just can't get enough of him.
Christinas Pics 1991
We borrowed tricycle from a friend of ours and Sawyer loved it. He loved riding it down our driveway. At first we had to push hit back up for him but then he finally caught on and could push it back up himself.
Christinas Pics 2007
I don't know how well you can see but he is even smiling a little bit in this picture. It is so hard to get good pictures of kids because they are always moving!!
Christinas Pics 2034
Sawyer loves to wrestle. He likes to jump on you and knock you down. He also likes to head butt which can be very painful. :)
Christinas Pics 2044
I think he is winning.
Christinas Pics 2048
We took a couple of walks down the road and Dad joined us. Sawyer absolutely loves him.
Christinas Pics 2071
We went to the park to play one day. Sawyer loved the slide and wanted to go again and again.
Christinas Pics 2089
 Sawyer is funny he doesn't like to swing by himself. So Mom or I had to swing next him or else he would start fussing.
Christinas Pics 2073
He is so fun!